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By M'Lynne

I know It's Christmas because by M'Lynne Young


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I know it's Christmas because, I can  see the cold air coming out of my mouth as I speak. I can see Santa in the mall with a big white bear and jolly attitude. I can see everyone their knees praying to Jesus. I can see kids opening up presents with bright smile.I know it's Christmas because, I can smell the delicious candy canes I can  smell the fire from the mennorha. I can smell the warm cookies as they bake in the oven slowly. I can smell the hot roasted turkey that just got served on the big  table. I know it's Christmas because, I can hear the excited kids thanking their parents .I hear the fast motion of kids opening up their presents rapidly. I can hear the excited adults talking about tax return next month.I can hear Santa loudly saying Merry Christmas. I know it's Christmas because, I can taste the cold snowflakes on my tounge as snow softly falls from the th sky. I can taste  gross, nasty dark chocolate. I can taste the warm mixture of Oreo balls. I can taste spicy, cool peppermint. I know it's Christmas because, I can feel the slick wrapping paper as I open up my present with joy. I can feel rough piece sof paper as I hold money to donate it. I can feel the thick piece of red cloth as I tell Santa what I want for Christmas. I can feel the warm mug as I sip on hot coco.That is how I know it's Christmas.