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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

stories by 5th and 6th grade


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I Know It's Christmas   by Coen


I know its Christmas because I see a beautifully decorated christmas tree with sparkling lights.  I see presents with Star War wrapping paper.  I see the Elves on the shelves.  I also see Christmas decorations all around.

I know it's Christmas because I smell the delicious Christmas dinner just out of the ovenl.  I smell the hot chocolate with marshmallows in my favorite Christmas cup. I smell the candy from my stocking, and the cardboard boxes after opening my presents.

I know it's Christmas because I feel warm hugs from my family.  I feel the chill of the cool winter air blowing my hair.   I feel the wrapping paper as I rip it from my presents.  

I know it's Christmas because I can taste the creamy candy from my stocking.  I cant taste the Christmas dinner.  I can taste the mint candy kisses.  

I know it's Christmas because I can hear all the people rushing to do their last minute shopping.  I can hear the crumpling of the wrapping paper.  I can here the Christmas songs playing on every radio.   I hear the yells of joy when people open their gifts.


I know Christmas is here!