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Family & Individual Health

Family & Consumer Sciences

Beverly A. Plymell, Instructor

August 30, 2017


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Family & Individual Health


This course meets the state requirement for .5 credit health for graduation.  This is the first course in a sequence preparing students who are interested in pursing a career in health, nutrition or working with children.  This course meets the needs of today’s students and focuses on the promotion of personal and family health throughout the life span. It includes concepts in communicable diseases, family relations, substance abuse, nutrition, sports nutrition, fitness and other concerns pertaining to the development of personal and family health.  Career opportunities in health-related fields are investigated.  Family/Individual standards are aligned to the National Health Standards.

Students will learn how to identify "good" sources for information whether for health class or not.  Each student will be required to submit a bi-weekly magazine article summary and opinion after learning in class how to write one.  The Choices Health magazine or MOREnet Online Resources should be used as the resource for this assignment.  Students may earn bonus points by:  typing the summary and opinion, writing more than two summary paragraphs, writing more than one opinion paragraph and/or writing more than five sentences per paragraph.

The class will have the opportunity to try healthy foods during part of the course work.  They have already learned that coconut water helps prevent dehydration because of the electrolytes that it contains.  Each student was given a sample of coconut water to decide if he/she liked it.


Health Syllabus 17.docx

Magazine Article Form lines 17.doc

Magazine Form no lines 17.doc


Students in health have spent time learning about health in general and factors that affect their health.  They have evaluated methods that businesses use to promote/sell their products and how to be a wise consumer in selecting health products to purchase.  

The class is also preparing for the LifeSmarts competition by taking a LifeSmarts practice test daily.  As a class, each student and the teacher are learning more about the five topic areas:  Health/Safety, Environment, Consumer Rights & Responsibilities, Personal Finance and Technology.  The first part of November the class will take the competition quizzes to determine which schools qualify for state competition.