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Discovering Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Family & Consumer Sciences

Beverly A. Plymell, Instructor

August 30, 2017


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Discovering Family & Consumer Sciences (7th & 8th Grade)


First semester I have the 7th grade for Discovering FACS.  The first unit that we will complete is an FCCLA unit.  We will then proceed to a unit on child care.  The unit on child care will enable those students who are FCCLA members to participate in some of the FCCLA STAR Events (contests).

The FCCLA unit has a lot of information to learn.  I always suggest to the students that they take their notes home each night and begin learning what we discussed that day.  There is no way they would be able to learn it all the night before a test.  During this unit, the class reviews each day.  The students know that during this review time that I occasionally collect their papers as a Pop Quiz for a grade.  The test over this unit is two parts:  a FCCLA knowledge section and saying the FCCLA Creed section.

The child care unit is spent discussing items related to babysitting, SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Car Seat Safety and if there is time preparing snacks that children could make with the babysitter.

Because it is important the students learn the importance of organization and time management, one of the class assignments is to keep a planner of practice times, time the bus leaves for events, meeting dates/times, doctor appointments/times, etc.  Each student has been provided a planner courtesy of Interstate Studios.  The planner will be checked once a week to see the the student is keeping it up-to-date.  This should help not only the student, but the parent know what is going on for an upcoming week.  Parents are encouraged to help their child keep their planner current and to add dates that involve family events.


Discovering FACS Syllabus 17.docx


October 16

Today was the first day of a new class.  The students were given two assignments to complete before Friday.  One is a "Who I Am" worksheet with questions about themselves.  The other is to write the directions to their house from school.  Learning to communicate in a variety of ways and for different reasons is a skill that all students need to learn.  This assignment helps meet this objective while helping me learn more about the students.  Over the next week the students will learn how to do their bell work, learn more about the classroom expectations and begin learning about FCCLA.