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Cloe Billington Science Teacher Hello! I’ve been looking forward to this fall with enthusiasm. This is my seventh year teaching full-time, and my first year teaching at . . . read more

Biology students isolate strawberry DNA

March 6, 2019

Biology students followed a procedure to isolate strawberry DNA; they were amazed that they could see DNA, even though it is so small! read more

Physical Science Students Create Rube Goldberg Machines

February 1, 2019

After studying energy, work, power, and energy conversions, students created Rube Goldberg machines to accomplish a task.  Tasks ranged from mixing two substances to create a chemical reaction, popping a balloon, and putting out a candle. read more

8th Graders Model Weather Fronts

January 25, 2019

Students modeled warm and cold fronts using warm and cold water, jars, food coloring, and a divider.   read more

Ecology Students Dissect Perch

January 25, 2019

Ecology students studying Aquatic Ecosystems dissected Perch.  They looked at similarities to humans and many differences as well. read more

Students discover if a coat keeps a snowman from melting

January 17, 2019

Students in 7th and 8th grade science, physical science, and ecology designed coats for snowmen to prevent thermal energy transfer in order to answer the question, Which will melt faster, a snowman with or without a coat? Many designs . . . read more

7th Graders Differentiate Between Living and Nonliving Objects

January 15, 2019

Students observed various specimen in order to apply their understanding of the characteristics of life. read more

Anatomy Students Created Sliding Filament Models of Muscular Contraction

January 15, 2019

Students constructed models of sarcomeres, showing how the smallest contractile unit of muscles function.  The models were very original and moveable. read more

Biology Students Explain Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration in Creative Ways

January 1, 2019

Biology students created projects that creatively showed their understanding of the processes of Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration. Projects included a scavenger hunt with a puzzle/question, an album cover, jeopardy, a comic book . . . read more

Biology Students Investigated Factors Influencing Rates of Respiration in Yeast

December 5, 2018

Students selected different independent variables to see how each influenced the rate of respiration in yeast.  To keep the lab constant, the dough was placed in straws to see how much it rose over ten minutes. read more

7th Graders Investigated Physical and Chemical Changes

December 5, 2018

Students carried out an experiment to observe physical and chemical changes. read more

8th Grade Constructs Earth Quake Resilient Homes

November 29, 2018

Students created homes that would with stand violent vibrations, simulating the effects of an Earthquake. read more

7th Grade students create density columns

November 19, 2018

7th Graders made density columns after studying density in class.   The substances they selected had to have different densities so to be able to create the layers.  Some substances selected included honey, syrup, salt water, . . . read more

Anatomy Students Dissect Deer Leg Joints

November 19, 2018

Students investigated the components of a deer leg joint by dissecting down to the bones of the leg. read more

7th Grade Students Study Physical and Chemical Change

November 16, 2018

Students looked at many different physical and chemical changes to investigate how they change matter and how to distinguish between the two. read more

8th Grade Students Model Plate Tectonic Boundaries

November 9, 2018

8th Grade Science Students Modeled how the tectonic plates interact at plate boundaries using graham crackers, frosting, fruit roll-ups, and water. read more

Biology Students Investigate Photosynthesis Using ELODEA

November 6, 2018

Students have learned how photosynthesis is influenced by light intensity, temperature, and amount of light using the aquatic plant Elodea. read more

Biology students investigate enzyme activity by creating apple juice

October 19, 2018

Students used an enzyme, Pectinase, to create apple juice in order to study how enzymes function. read more

Physical Science Students Create SLOW FLIERS

October 19, 2018

To continue investigating speed, students created paper air planes with the goal of making the slowest flying plane.  Many different designs were tried and the slowest flying plane was constructed by Isaac Medlin and Lexie Metzner.  . . . read more

Biology students investigate cell membranes and enzyme activity

October 11, 2018

Biology students created models of the cell membrane and placed enzymes and starch inside the model cells to demonstrate how a membrane can be selectively permeable.  They also learned the importance of careful experimentation, as some . . . read more

8th Grade Science Students Model the Rock Cycle

October 5, 2018

Students are studying the rock cycle and the processes that change rocks from one type to another.  They modeled rocks with 4 different types of minerals and transformed the rocks with different processes. Luckily for the students, . . . read more

Physical Science Students Calculate Their Own Speed

October 3, 2018

The Physical Science class is studying speed.  They conducted a lab where they timed how fast they could walk, hop, walk backwards, and speed walk 5 and 10 meters.   read more

Happenings In Science

October 2, 2018

Students are learning a lot in science so far this year!   Currently Anatomy is finishing up their study of the Integumentary System. Biology is delving into the cell membrane and how things get in and out of cells. . . . read more

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